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Waiver Information


  • Medicaid 1115 Waiver renewed October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2022. Click here to review  the updated RHP 9 Plan for demonstration years DY7-8.
  • Five-year demonstration waiver that began on September 1, 2011
  • Aligns with the Triple Aim of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Improve the experience of care, Improve the health of populations, and Reduce the per capita costs of healthcare without compromising quality.
  • Creation of Regional Healthcare Partnerships (RHP) that support coordinated, efficient delivery of quality care, and a plan for system transformation that is driven by the needs of the community.
  • Provides incentive payments for quality improvement and healthcare delivery system reform

Quick Facts on RHP 9:

  • 3 Counties: Dallas, Denton, & Kaufman
  • 2,530 square miles
  • Population of 3.1 million
  • 40% are low income
  • 23 providers participating in Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects
  • Needs assessment: Gaps in access, behavioral health, and overall care coordination.

Open to the Public

RHP 9 Plan Update Stakeholder Engagement Forum – WEBEX

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 10:00 am – 11:00 am


Join us to see how providers in RHP 9 (Dallas, Denton, & Kaufman Counties) are transforming health care and addressing community needs.  Learn about the health care outcome measures providers are currently working to improve.  Hear what is next on the Texas 1115 Waiver Health Care Transformation Horizon. Click here to register

Thursday, September 13, 2018: RHP9 Plan Update Stakeholder Engagement Forum - WEBEX 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Click here to register






Making a Difference

April DY7 Reporting
  • Reporting & Payment Timeline:
    • The April DY7 NMI reporting review results were distributed Friday, 8/10/2018 to anchors and to providers that received NMI requests during initial reporting review. Please note that the HHSC NMI reporting review period closed Friday 8/10/2018 at midnight, so providers may not be able to see these results in the DSRIP Online Reporting System until Saturday, August 11th. Please also note that approved reports will be included for payment in the next DSRIP payment period, estimated for January 2019.
Compliance Monitoring
  • HHSC is reviewing possible recoupments due to decreased achievements or unverifiable results from MSLC's Cat 3 Round 3 reviews. HHSC will be contacting providers by the end of August regarding these reviews.
  • HHSC will be contacting providers next week about the results of Round 4 Category 1 and 2 reviews in cases where MSLC determined that the goals were not achieved or validated. Any other outstanding notifications regarding previous reviews will be finalized and communicated to providers and anchors.
Category A
  • The Costs and Savings guidance document is currently being finalized and should be released this week. This guidance document will indicate HHSC’s recommended tools and will outline the process that providers must follow to receive approval to use an alternative tool. The two HHSC recommended tools are provided below for providers wishing to get a head start on reviewing the tools. Please note that one of the HHSC recommended tools is for completing a forecasted Return on Investment (ROI) analysis and the other HHSC recommended tool is for completing a retrospective ROI analysis.
  • October DY7 reporting for the Costs and Savings portion of Category A requires providers to answer questions in the DSRIP Online Reporting System such as which tool providers plan on using, whether the tool provider plans to use is one of the HHSC recommended tools, and whether or not the provider has received approval from HHSC to use an alternative tool. Please note that these questions are meant to help HHSC with workload in regards to approving alternative tools, and provider’s response to these questions during October DY7 reporting does not commit the provider to use this tool for October DY8 reporting. The only requirements for the use of tools, which will be outlined in the Costs and Savings guidance document, is that providers must use one of the HHSC recommended tools or receive approval to use an alternative tool. The Costs and Savings guidance document will also provide a deadline for providers to submit their requests to use an alternative tool for HHSC’s review, which will most likely be sometime in December. Providers do not have to have approval to use an alternative tool by October DY7 reporting.
Category C
  • The deadline for submitting early baseline reporting templates was Monday, August 6th. HHSC received 107 templates. A list of providers that submitted a template is attached. HHSC is beginning review of reported baselines and currently plans to send notification of baseline acceptance or additional information/TA needed the first week of September.
DSRIP Online Reporting System Bulletin Board
  • HHSC is in the process of reorganizing the DSRIP Online Reporting System Bulletin Board. In the upcoming weeks, HHSC will remove documents that are outdated or are posted on the 1115 Waiver website. Planning and reference documents, such as the approved DSRIP protocols and payment summaries, will be available on the website. Documents that may need to be accessed for reporting and monitoring purposes will continue to be available on the Bulletin Board.